Jasmine is serious

Konichiwa! ^w^ My name is Jasmine, creator of upcoming anime Koun Koto Gakko! But it isn't going to make itself, I'm gonna need some help! Think you can do buisness with me? Message me or go to and comment or pm me! >w<


Name: Jasmine

Age: 10

Height: 4"11

Weight: Around 80 pounds, it always changes X3

Favorite food: Chocolate, cupcakes, blueberries, cinnamon rolls

Hobby: Working! Duh! >w< I'm always busy!

Occupation: Creator of upcoming anime Koun Koto Gakko, artist, animator, plus I take piano lessons every thursday! ^w^

Likes: Drawing, video games, doing buisness, anime, Japan, music, doing buisness, doing buisness, did i mention doing buisness, cloudy days, and working. OwO

Dislikes: Too much work, waking up late, sunny days, stormy days, Nonchalantness


1: Don't be shy to add me or talk to me! ^w^

2: Feel free to ask any question you like about Koun Koto Gakko and I'll answer it!

3: I might not be on too often, follow me on!

4: Don't talk nasty or swear around me, please!

5: Have ideas for Koun Koto Gakko? Speak up and post it! >w<

6: Thank you for viewing my page!

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