Razu Fuun A shy teenage boy and member of the Fuun family. Twin brother of Kuran Fuun, he's finally gotten enrolled in his first High School. His attempts to fit in don't work so well, since he has the DNA of a wolf and an unusual hairstyle that makes people call him a bush or a tree. What Razu doesn't realize is, trying to be normal there just makes him stand out more. Although people think he is pretty normal (Life-wise), Razu has many secrets kept inside that no one may know about. He may have something to do with Twelve Keys or another gang, but for now it remains secret.

Full Name: Razu Masaaki Fuun

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Height: 5'4

Weight: 92

Love intrest: ???

Family: Kuran Fuun, ???

Kuran Fuun A normal teenage girl that isn't the smartest cookie in the box, but she means well. It's just a good thing she has a good teacher. Twin sister of Razu Fuun, little sister of Amai Shinsetsude and Ate fuun, and best friend of just about anyone. She's cheerful and kind, but she's a little stubborn and short-tempered sometimes. Really sensitive too. Her and her brother Razu share a special bond with eachother that can't be broken, although they've had a few bumps along the road. Twisted, twisted road. She wears a headband with bunny ears and usually bright colors that stand out, and she loves her Mameshiba "Akainu", meaning "Red dog", almost as much as she loves her family and friends. She's always up to help somebody, but it doesn't always work out. Inside, she has secrets and hurt feelings, but she covers it up with a happy attitude. No one really knows why she's hurt inside, but somehow she's had a bad past.

Name: Kuran Ai Fuun

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Height: 5'3½

Weight: 86 lbs

Love intrest: Tora Burume

Family: Razu Fuun, ???